Typesetting in Microsoft Word Part 3. Setting Type

September 2005
by Jack M. Lyon

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It’s midnight, and all the
cubicles are dark except one in the back corner, where you’re struggling to
standardize the formatting of all the subheadings in your document. You select
one with your mouse, click Format –> Font, and select Arial, bold, and 14
point. Then you click the Character Spacing tab and set spacing to be condensed
by one point. Finally, you click Format –> Paragraph and set alignment as
centered. And then you realize: You’ve done only 100 pages of this 500-page
book. Isn’t there a better way?

Yes, there is, and that way is
called styles. Using styles is easy. Instead of selecting every subheading and
going through all those steps, all you have to do is this:

1. Put your
cursor somewhere in the text you want to format—in a subheading, for

2. Click
Format –> Styles and Formatting.

3. In the
list on the right, find a style that fits what you need. For example, Heading 3
is great for formatting subheadings because it leaves Heading 1 for part
headings and Heading 2 for chapter headings.

4. Click
the style you want to use.

The paragraph where your cursor
was resting will be formatted automatically with the style.


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