Typeface Combinations That Work Well for Books

December 2010
by Joel Friedlander

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Typeface Combinations That Work Well for Books

by Joel Friedlander

The text typefaces we use for books can be so quiet you just don’t notice them, although you can see right away that they are full of idiosyncrasies and flourishes if you enlarge the letters.

Display typefaces, on the other hand, announce themselves to the reader in no uncertain terms.

Most nonfiction books use a combination of text and display typefaces, and the interaction between the two is like a harmony of voices—if and only if they are complementary.

In my experience, book designers tend to have limited palettes of favorite typefaces they go back to again and again. I’m no exception. Here are three combinations of typefaces I particularly like. If you don’t know what typefaces to use in your book, I invite you try one of these. I think you’ll like them too.

Adobe Caslon and Myriad Pro. Two great typefaces that produce beautiful music together. Caslon is a smooth, easy-reading text face rooted in the typefaces of William Caslon, an 18th-century printer in Britain. Myriad Pro is a complete type family with a lovely modern verve.

Minion and Poppl-Laudatio. Minion is an…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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