Twelve Savvy Secrets of Online Direct Response Marketing

September 2001
by Robin Bartlett

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Suppose you’re a small publisher and you don’t have a ton of money to market your books. Suppose you know how the costs of doing even the simplest direct mail letter and brochure have skyrocketed. And suppose further that you have a Web site you’ve spent a good deal of money to develop, but it just sits there and doesn’t pull in very many orders. Does this sound like you?

Well, this was the situation we faced at the American College of Physicians (ACP) a few months ago. (ACP is one of the largest medical associations in the world, with a Web site consisting of more than 50,000 pages and accruing 50,000 click-throughs per month!) Our site had lots of lookers, but we weren’t getting enough buyers! We decided we needed to be more proactive. We needed to send out e-communications that would drive people to visit our Web site and place orders!

So, if you’ve been itching to give e-commerce a try, take advantage of some of the lessons we have learned. You may want to start with an e-zine or an e-newsletter. But before you jump in, here are some very important points you’ll want to review and consider. After all, you want your efforts to create a group of happy, satisfied customers who come running to you with fists full of dollars–not people sending return messages that say: @#%&*!@!

Put these 10 tips into practice in your e-communications and they will help you write more compelling e-mail messages, manage Web si…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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