TV or Not TV

October 2002
by Contributions from: Tim McCormick, Keith Owens, Do

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Is an appearance on “Oprah” or some other major TV show really a great route to success for a book? The question arose recently after a Midwestern book club chose a title published in 1999 by a small firm to introduce to the nation on “Good Morning America,” and GMA asked them to choose again.

According to the publisher, the President of the book club explained this first by saying that GMA needed a book from a major house and then by saying they needed a book that had been out less than a year. According to GMA, it was necessary to reject the club’s initial pick because it violated a policy designed to eliminate lobbying as an influence on the selection process; clubs are not allowed to choose a book for the show if they have been directly in touch with the author and/or the publisher of that book.

Whatever the reason or reasons, GMA’s turndown sparked a discussion about the pros and cons–often, as it turns out, the cons–of primetime TV coverage. Here are some of the highlights.

– Judith Appelbaum


Be Careful What You Wish For
I have seen both sides of this issue, and I have to tell you that I am glad we did not get our author on Oprah when we almost did.

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