Trickle Creek Books Flow to Readers (Through Schools and Other Channels)

April 2009
by Linda Carlson

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Trickle Creek Books Flow to Readers (Through Schools and Other Channels)

by Linda Carlson

“An unrelenting optimist” is the way Toni Albert of Pennsylvania’s Trickle Creek Books describes herself—and that optimism, combined with lots of energy, must be why this publisher of children’s environmental science books has been successful for 15 years.

Like most publishers, Trickle Creek has had its share of glitches.

“Almost every printing job that we’ve done locally has involved reprinting or rebinding to correct major problems,” Albert says, adding, “Other disasters have been self-made. In a fit of enthusiasm, I once responded to a telephone solicitation from a Canadian teachers’ magazine by buying a $500 ad that would include our 800 number—a number that didn’t work in that part of Canada. Another time I built an entire rainforest in a tent for an Earth Day event, only to find that my space was in a lonely place at the top of a steep and windy hill.”

But, she goes on, “I view experiences as opportunities to practice problem-solving, fine-tuning, patience, and persistence. I barely register disappointment, because I’ve always found that one thing leads to another.”

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