Traveling with Technology, and Its Glitches

December 2006
by Reid Goldsborough

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This is a good one for all of us who travel



Traveling with Technology, and
Its Glitches


by Reid Goldsborough


Airline rules continue to
change, regarding carry-on laptop computers as well as carry-on toiletries.
Some airlines banned the batteries of some laptops because of the risk they
might explode in midair. As of this writing, rules were easing, but other
perils threaten those who travel with electronics.


One company that offers rescue
services to travelers whose laptops or PDAs conk out is Rescuecom, at
“Traveling can be stressful, and technology should make your trips easier, not
add to that stress,’’ said David A. Milman, founder and CEO of Rescuecom.


The company suggests the


your airline’s rules. Airlines
such as Virgin Atlantic, Qantas, and Korean Air banned certain Dell and Apple
laptop batteries on their flights because of concerns about overheating and
potential explosions.


up. Don’t get caught without a
needed program. Particularly if yours is a company computer, make sure all the
programs you’ll need are installed and working properly.

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