Trade Show Know-How: Tips on Working Frankfurt, Regionals, and Incentive Industry Events

August 2006
by Sebastian Koehler, Cynthia Frank, Jeffrey Dobkin

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Five Tips for First-timers at

by Sebastian Koehler


The Frankfurt International
Book Fair, which this year runs from October 4 to 8, is clearly the biggest and
the most prestigious annual professional event in the global book industry.
Filling nine multilevel exhibition halls with more than 7,000 exhibitors from
101 countries, it can induce a serious case of information overload in
first-time visitors and exhibitors.


You may want to attend the market
briefing on the fair and the German publishing market held the day before the
show starts (contact Joyce Aravena at for more
information). My best advice about developing a focus for Frankfurt and
preventing the stress connected with the distractions of the show is set out in
this five-step plan of action.


Consider your exhibition options.

You need to determine how you want to represent your company if you are
planning to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair instead of having an organization
such as PMA represent your books. A completely furnished booth is the easiest
but also the most expensive option. Small publishers as well as literary agents
and booksellers often choose to do business from one of the professional
centers at the book fair or to share booths. Sharing requires registering as a
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