Tracking Sales: The Programs and the Payoffs

July 2006
by Linda Carlson

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Why track your sales? You’ll
learn who’s selling your titles, who’s buying them—and which of your
promotional strategies are paying off. Tracking helps determine which book
fairs, conferences, and customers yield the most profitable sales, how long
each title takes to break even, what revisions to make, when to
reprint—and even how many books to take to an event. And, of course,
tracking means you know what royalties are due and what taxes are accruing.


Most important, tracking may alert
you to a need to change the focus of your company.


That’s what has happened at
Gorgias Press, which uses Quick Books and a custom program called Folio Flow
for detailed reports on the hundreds of humanities titles it publishes and/or


“When we looked at sales by
subject, we found that sales in Syriac Studies (a dialect of Aramaic known as
the language of Jesus) surpassed sales in all other categories,” says Christine
Altinis-Kiraz, vice president. “We never expected Syriac to dominate major
fields such as Arabic and Islamic studies, biblical studies, and religion,” she
adds, but since this discovery, the company has concentrated on marketing these
titles through Google AdWords and at conferences.


The results? “We saw our revenue
triple, and most of…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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