Today’s Take on In-store Events

October 2009
by Amy Collins MacGregor and Bethany Brown

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Today’s Take on In-store Events

by Amy Collins MacGregor and Bethany Brown

“I don’t do events anymore.”

“I can’t afford the extra staff, time, and effort that book signings entail.”

“Will the author bring her own books?”

“We don’t do well with author signings.”

“We only book events from large publishers.”

“We only book local authors for signings.”

“We’re too small for events.”

“Our customers don’t come out for events.”

Over the last six months, we have called 1,034 bookstores and asked, “Do you host author events?” We called independent bookstores, chain bookstores, gift shops that sell books, and hospital and university bookstores. The answers we got with this sampling were varied and surprising. They challenged our beliefs about author events in independent bookstores vs. those events in chain stores, and they showed how deeply the struggling economy is affecting retailers everywhere.

Initially, we thought we knew that bookstores were looking for any number of ways to draw customers. We thought independents were ready and able to host local and regional authors. We thought aut…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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