Today’s e-Book Hardware Options

February 2007
by Genene Miller Coté

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Today’s e-Book Hardware Options


by Genene Miller Coté


On my computer I keep a log
of all the books I read. My annual average is 102, so you can see that I love
to read. Notice that the list is on my computer? That is because my computer is
the other half of my brain.


And yet, for all my dependence on
my computer, I have had a longstanding love/hate relationship with technology.
I love the potential, and I hate waiting for the potential to be actualized.


e-Book publishing is a case in
point. e-Books have the capacity to expand the variety, portability, and
accessibility of books. e-Book readers are still a work in progress. What
follows is a report on current e-book hardware alternatives. Later this year,
I’ll cover e-book software and e-book distribution mechanisms.


Needed: A Single Standard


Over the last five years, I have
been alternately amused and frustrated as I have evaluated various readers.
Some—like RocketBook, hiebook, Franklin Reader, and Cybook—aren’t
even produced anymore.


Today the most popular e-book
reader is the eBookwise-1150. It resemb…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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