Today’s Best Press Release Tactics

December 2010
by Penny Sansevieri

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Today’s Best Press Release Tactics

by Penny Sansevieri

If you’re crafting a press release to fax or email to the media—stop! This is a colossal waste of your time. Why? Because the old way of handling press releases no longer works. Press releases, the old way, are useless.

Several studies indicate that more than 70 percent of Americans get their news content online. So not only are reporters online, but media-hungry consumers are, too. This has made online press releases attractive to media professionals.

A few years ago you could almost guarantee that a media person would call you if you posted a well-crafted release in an online newsroom like It was simple and free, and posting generally took no longer than five to ten minutes—time well spent. But as a flood of press releases hit these online newsrooms, the ratio of posting to media attention changed.

The solution is simple: press release optimization. Let me explain.

 How to Optimize Your Release

When your press release resides online, whether it’s available through a service like PRWeb or in your site’s media room, you need to treat it the same way you treat a Web site—by optimizing the chances that the rig…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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