To Tour or Not to Tour (a Printing Plant): That Is the Question

March 2010
by Margie Dana

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To Tour or Not to Tour (a Printing Plant): That Is the Question

by Margie Dana

Some print buyers think it’s important to tour printing plants; others see little if any value in going to the trouble. As long as their printing jobs are done correctly, as expected, on time, and on budget, they feel no need to see the facility.

How much do you care—or should you care—about the printing plant that your company uses and what goes on there? Here’s my answer: It depends.

When There’s No Need to Go

If you occasionally buy printing, and/or your jobs are pretty run-of-the-mill, and/or your company doesn’t spend a lot of money on printing, you probably do not have to visit the plant.

If your books are being produced in another state or another country and you are an occasional print customer, or if you buy only a small amount of printing for your firm, you don’t have to do a site tour.

If you source printing solely online, you won’t see the plant.

If you think printers are all pretty much the same, you won’t be taking any tours.

If you do your printing through brokers or print managers, you will rely on them to s…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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