Tips on Using Time Wisely

February 2010
by Beverly D. Flaxington

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Tips on Using Time Wisely

by Beverly D. Flaxington

“I wish I had more time to [fill in the blank].” To what? Do more marketing? Find new authors? Get to the gym more often? Get through emails? All of the above and more?

For many of us, the struggle with time management turns into a struggle with stress management, because not having time to do what we need to do breeds frustration, depression, or difficulties with relationships.

As an independent publisher, author, corporate consultant, certified hypnotist, college professor, mom of three kids as well as eight rescue pets, and daughter of aging parents, I know firsthand the struggle to get things done. But I also know that the key is self-management instead of time management. In this connection, self-management means getting the important things done in a way that generates the lowest stress and achieves the highest-quality output.

Sound impossible? It’s not. The following are practical, workable tips.

Establish your goals. This first, critical step may seem a no-brainer, but most people have relatively vague ideas about what they want to do and don’t take the time to be clear about success criteria.

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