Tips for Successful Radio Interviews

July 1999
by Lorilyn Bailey, Guestfinder

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Several Days before the Interview Remember that it’s not wise to do an interview “cold” if you aren’t used to doing them. Start warming up.

Practice answering your questions. Put your answers on index cards. Don’t write complete sentences; use simple words to jog your memory.

Have a summary sentence prepared to answer a question such as “Do you have any final words of advice for us?”

Give a list of questions to the producer of the show, or direct him or her to Guestfinder or another Web site that posts suggested questions.

Sometimes it’s difficult to hear the host if you are being interviewed via telephone. Go to an electronics store (such as Radio Shack) and get a $20 volume control for your phone. About the size of a pack of cards, it fits between your receiver and the phone cradle and uses batteries. If you have a “Call Waiting” feature on the phone line you plan to use, call the phone company and find out how to have it turned off during the interview.The Day of the Show If you have a two-line phone, turn the ringer off on the line you’re not using.

Have a cup of hot coffee as well as a glass of water available, in cups with tops. (Throats do weird things, and cups spill.)

Have your index cards with answers to your questions (in large legible handwriting) spread out around your desk. Move your keyboard out of the way and turn off your computer.

If you know anyone in the listening audience, and it’s a call-in show, tell that person to call i…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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