Tips for More Powerful One-On-One Presentations
Stage Four: The Close

March 2001
by Robin Bartlett

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Every tip I’ve given you in this four part series of articles about making powerful one-on-one presentations has been leading up to “the close”–taking the order, grabbing the business, making the sale, and doing the deal.

The close is the hardest part of a presentation because most people are hesitant to ask for the order. They are afraid of having the buyer say no. Don’t let this happen to your presentation! Here are some tips for reaching a happy and profitable conclusion that will make all those hours of research, preparation, and practice worthwhile.

Tip #1. Send up a trial balloon. You have completed the features and benefits portion of your presentation. You have said all of the key things you need to say. You’ve spoken when it was your time to speak and you’ve listened when it was the buyer’s time to talk. You know that if you say anything more now it will be redundant. You know it’s time for the close, but you’ve got cold feet. One way you can get past this very uncomfortable and awkward moment is to “send up a trial balloon.” Think of something about your book or product that offers a choice and ask what the buyer would prefer. For example:“These books normally come packed in twelves, but I can instruct the warehouse to pack them in lots of ten. Which do you prefer?” Giving the buyer a simple choice moves the sale on to the next stage of decision-making or brings o…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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