This Is Not a Fairy Tale; It Just Sounds Like One

September 2009
by Frank Gromling

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This Is Not a Fairy Tale; It Just Sounds Like One

by Frank Gromling

Once upon a time, there was a naive publisher who had a plan. His plan seemed to make sense. At least, it did to him. Or so he thought at the time.

So off he went to make great books, books by people no one knew. He was sure that he would make a difference with his great books. Remember, he was naive.

Fearing not, he created books of poetry. After all, he thought, everyone likes poetry. Right? Poetry books would be fun, and people would buy them, and all would be well.

Then a couple of sweet ladies convinced him that wonderful books for little children, books with colorful images and gentle words, would be great. After all, everyone loves children, and adults would buy these colorful books for their children and grandchildren. Right?

Soon, from somewhere out of his love of history, a nonfiction book evolved that looked at the difficult lives of two early American botanists. Everyone would like to read about botany and history and travels in early America. Right?

After that, other nonfiction books materialized, followed by a fiction trilogy about an adventurous and mystical cat. Oh, the fun the publisher was having! Success was …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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