Thirty+ Things to Put on Your Website to Build Word of Mouth

December 1997
by Michael E. Cafferky

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Word of mouth, the princess of informal promotional media, receives commendations for being the wings under every successful book that takes off. These accolades are well deserved. Word of mouth is the most compelling form of promotion in every culture.
Publishers and their authors who successfully tap into this, the book world’s best advertising, find opinion leaders to brag about their books. Also, they identify ways to inspire loyal readers to brag more.Reaching Opinion Leaders & Readers

The challenge to the publisher is to span the gulf separating it from those opinion leaders and book readers who would recommend the book to others. A similar canyon exists between the author and these groups. How do you bridge the chasm? How do you form that priceless union with the people who will spread word of mouth? Traditionally book signings, direct mail, seminars, and fan clubs were among the ways that the gorge could be crossed. In the last few years, a new medium has emerged that provides this necessary link. Enter the prince of the electronic media: the Internet website.
The website has the power to link all the other, traditional bridge-building methods plus provide its own direct link with loyal supporters. The end result: more word-of-mouth bragging.The Book Promotion Website

A website promoting a book can be as simple as a single page of text that lists the book’s title, publisher, and author. It can promote the benefits of the book like traditional advertising mi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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