Think Like a Producer to Create the Best Media Kit

May 1999
by Brian Jud

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If you want to be successful at getting on television and radio shows, you have to think like a producer. These people are responsible for creating the idea for a segment or a show in addition to finding the guests who will appear. The topic has to be of interest to the audience, and the guests have to be interesting and entertaining enough to hold the audience’s attention. Your task is to convince the decision-makers that you can make their lives easier by helping them create a good show for their audience.The tool for doing that is a press kit (also called a media kit). This is a folder containing the basic facts about why you and your topic will make an interesting show for the audience. It is not as much about you as it is about what you can do for the show.Your media kit will be much more effective if you remember one thing: producers do not care about you or your book. All they care about is creating a good show, and they are constantly looking for ways to do that. Start with a Compelling Cover LetterAccording to Patty Neger (Producer, Good Morning America), a producer may receive 50 proposals every day. Your media kit must stand out from all the others received. Therefore the key to a successful submission is your cover letter. Get the readers’ attention immediately by demonstrating that you know who their audience is and how you can help them. Grab them by beginning your letter with a headline describing why your idea is important.Your proposal should always make a c…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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