There Are Enough Hours in a Day If You Know How to Work It!

May 2000
by Peggy Duncan

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Time is the scarcest resource we have. It does not increase with demand and cannot be saved to use later. You’ll have to figure
out how to get more out of the time you have. If you work it right, you’ll be able to do everything you need and want to do.

One of the best ways to gain more time in your day is to get organized. From the closet to your desk, if you can’t find that blouse or report the instant you need it, you’re wasting valuable time. Ironically, the number one reason disorganized people give for not getting organized is that they don’t have the time.

A moderately disorganized person loses about an hour a day looking for things in his or her office. Based on a 40-hour week, if your income is:

$25,000/year, you lose $3,000
$40,000/year, you lose $5,000
$50,000/year, you lose $6,300
$125,000/year, you lose $16,000

This cost goes up for the chronically disorganized person and once other people are enlisted to help with the hunt.

Getting Started

Eliminate clutter one pile at a time (get some oversized garbage bags so it will be easy to throw things out). You’ll have to make very brutal decisions about every piece of paper in those piles on the desk, on the floor, in the cabinets, and every other place you found to pack something.

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