The Upside of Focusing on Failure

February 2006
by Kent Sturgis

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Recently I had a stimulating
conversation about the value of publishing success stories with David D.
Horowitz, publisher and resident poet at Rose Alley Press of Seattle, which
publishes self-help pamphlets for publishers and writers in addition to its
poetry and philosophy books. Rose Alley Press and Epicenter Press had adjacent
tables at a book festival in a Seattle suburb.

Horowitz described himself as an
avid supporter of PMA and its mission, Helping Each Other to Achieve and Succeed.
The association has been helpful to him in his more than 10 years of
publishing. Yet he believes it may be doing its members, especially new
publishers, a disservice by providing too much good news about publishing!

“The ‘40,000 copies sold in six
months, and now I’m a marketing legend’ kind of story feels too distant from my
experience to be truly uplifting,” Horowitz said in a follow-up email.

I have a
saying: You’ve got to bust your tail for every sale. That is no lie, no
exaggeration, no cynical aside. It’s the truth of trying to sell poetry books
in a horrifically competitive marketplace. I have a hunch it more accurately
reflects the experience of my small-press publishing peers than the
40,000-sold-in-six-months folks do, though I do not begrudge them a penny of
their success. More power to them. How often

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