The Top 10 Tips for Booth Etiquette
Or How to Shower, Smile & Share

March 2002
by Evelyn Kaye

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Taking a booth to show off your books is a major undertaking–rather like going on a first date. You want to make sure everything is perfect and to look your best. You hope that you’ll have a good time. And you dream of unparalleled success from the experience.


However, as the Boy Scouts recommend, be prepared. I’ve spent hours at booths around the country and talked to many veteran exhibitors. Here are the 10 Top Tips of booth-tested advice by those who have stood, smiled, exhibited, and survived to do it again.


Looking Good


How your booth looks is most important, so plan carefully. What do you want to hang up on the curtains at the back? Do you have posters and book jackets, flyers and info pages? How much are you planning to put on the table? Try brightly colored ribbon there to tie different books together visually, or sprinkle glitter on the table top. Have signs printed. Some people recommend book holders so the books stand up. Others swear that people only pick up books that are lying flat on the table. Try both. Bring plenty of business cards, media kits, flyers, and only a few books. Most people won’t want to carry them around, so you’ll end up sending them later.


Shower & Shave


How you look is also important. Be as professional and businesslike as you can. Pretend you’re a top executive at a major publishing house. Dress well so…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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