The Top 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

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December 2013
by Rana DiOrio

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As independent publishers, author-publishers, small-business owners, and/or vendors supporting the content-producing industry, we are all entrepreneurs.

I took on that role in 2009 by starting a children’s media company after I had spent years working in law, finance, and private equity. Throughout my career I have learned some of my most valuable lessons by making mistakes. Now I hope that sharing my lessons learned will benefit other IBPA members.

To broaden the scope of this Top 10 Mistakes list, I sent an email to more than 25 friends who are former clients, serial entrepreneurs, and/or early-stage investors. Before I hit Send on the email, I reflected on the group and the history I share with its other members. I smiled, thinking that at one time I had given some of them advice—in my capacity as an attorney, an investment banker, or an investor—about how to build their companies.

Now that I’m the entrepreneur, I enjoy a whole new appreciation of the journey entrepreneurs take to make their businesses successful. I shake my head remembering that neophyte who offered advice without ever having walked in the shoes of its recipients. I am older, wiser, and more humble these days. And I feel as though I can now share advice from the perspective of one who walks the talk.

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