The State of the Association

October 1999
by Nick Weir-Williams

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As I enter the second and final year of my presidency of PMA, I would like to report to the membership through this column
how I see the current state of the association.

Essentially we are in the best shape that we have ever been. This is reflected in an all-time high membership, a strong
financial situation which has enabled the association to build a reasonable reserve (as all not-for-profit trade associations
should have), and more status within the trade as a whole than we have ever had. This last point is thanks largely to the
publication of the PMA/BISG study “The Rest of Us” which brought some statistical heft to bear on what many of us have known
for some time. That is that the independent sector of book publishing is growing rapidly and forcefully. PMA is by far the
largest and most effective of the associations representing this sector of the industry, and increasingly the opinions of the
officers of this association are being sought by those making major decisions that affect the industry as a whole.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Jan Nathan and her team, and those of your Board, we have successfully implemented a
number of new programs over the last 12 months, with many more in stages of preparation. These include the Dispute Resolution
Program, which has already had four submissions to it in its first month; the addition of a new staff member with a specific
brief in member liaison at the PMA office; the new arrangements providing a liaison pe…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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