The State of the Association in 2000

June 2000
by Nick Weir-Williams

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As I complete my second and final year of my Presidency of PMA, I
thought it would be an appropriate moment to consider the state of the association and the progress made over the last two years.


It? been an honor to serve this association. I don? think I can
stress sufficiently the importance within the publishing industry and
indeed for the culture as a whole that I believe PMA now occupies. With
over 3,400 members, it is without question the largest book publishing
trade association in the world. With the extraordinary series of mergers
and takeovers that have occurred in recent years?hich have put most of
this country? leading publishers in the hands of multinational
corporations whose main enterprise is <I
style=”mso-bidi-font-style: normal”>not book publishing?he need for a
strong independent sector to maintain the integrity and breadth of
publishing in this country is of ever more
Partly through the efforts of independent publishers and the
excellence of the books they produce, and partly through the efforts of
organizations such as PMA, the independents have fought for and kept their
place in bookstores both independent and chain, and the traditional
channels of getting our sort of books to the public are still very much
open to us. A look at other industries will show that this is not always
the case, and maintaining strong re…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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