The Spinoff Strategy: Make One Book Spawn Many

April 2008
by Gordon Burgett

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The Spinoff Strategy: Make One Book Spawn Many

by Gordon Burgett

Once you have written a book, you have a core from which many more books can be developed. If it earns $50,000, you can probably earn another $50,000, or much more, by creating additional books from its information base.

The spinoff books can be new editions of the book (changed, updated, or both); they can come from further development of elements introduced in the book; they can be books about closely related topics of interest to the same niche market; and they can even be books for one or more additional niche markets.

Each successive book is easier to research (you know the sources), easier to produce (you know the process), and easier to sell (you know the buyers). Best of all, easier to sell. People want more good things from the same good source. Which is why the original book must be excellent. And why it makes huge sense to go to that same well time and again.

Here are 12 ways to turn a book into many more. (This list isn’t definitive. You can find other ways that apply to your topic and knowledge.)

1. The most obvious: Every three years or so, go back to the same book, update and expand it, include new quotes, review new research, …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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