The Risks of Article Syndication Online

May 2007
by Steve Weber

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The risks of article syndication

The Risks of Article
Syndication Online


by Steve Weber


An increasingly popular way
to get exposure for a book is by contributing to online article banks. One of
the most popular,, has more than 40,000 participating
authors. If it accepts your article, it will feature the piece at the site and make it available for reuse by other Web sites,
blogs, and email newsletters, along with a “resource box” that has links back
to your site.


Contributors aren’t paid, but they
figure the added exposure is worth the effort. And it’s true that article
syndication can provide great exposure, but you should be selective about the
content you contribute.


Don’t offer any content that
appears on your site without first rewriting it. Search engines such as Google
constantly filter out “duplicate content” from search results. If an article
from your site appears elsewhere on the Internet, one of the Web pages that
offers it will probably be deleted from search results, and chances are that one
will be yours. Search-engine experts call this the duplicate-content penalty.


The Dangers of Duplicate


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