The Rewards of Awards

November 2002
by Cynthia Frank

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Tuesday morning, June 4, started just like any other at our office. We charged through our e-mail, checked the fax and voice-mail messages, put out the outgoing mail, and checked the production schedule. When the typical foot-high stack of Monday mail arrived, our office manager Stephanie Rosencrans started sorting. Then she opened a large flat envelope and exclaimed, “Fabulous!” Marina Snow’s novel, The Walking Wounded, had won the “Best First Novel Award” from BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association).

Little did we realize that there were six more book awards in the mail that day!

Why submit your book for a national award–one that your title may only have a snowball’s chance of winning? Well, what better way is there to get your novel into the hands of the book industry’s movers and shakers? Judges for the National Book Award include leading editors and writers. Jurors for other awards include booksellers, editors, regional reviewers, designers, typographers, marketing gurus, and specialists in various subjects.


Types of Awards

There are awards for design (interior and cover), content, marketing, subject matter, production values, and even indexing. You can research awards using–among other things–LiteraryMarket Place, Writer’s Market, (to see whether a particular association or type of association offers an award), and…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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