The Rewards of Attention to Authors

December 2006
by Valerie Connelly

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The Rewards of Attention to


by Valerie Connelly


I confess. I rely heavily on
the wonderful information in PMA Independent for my talk show, Calling All Authors,
and, as you might expect from the show?s name, I believe in focusing on
authors. But more than that, I believe that spending a good deal of time and
energy on communication with and personal service to authors helps publishers
keep the ones they have and attract new ones.


My business model involves authors
paying for some services before publication (they are reimbursed from the sales
of their first 100 books and get royalties on all book sales after that), but I
have discussed my methods of getting the best from authors with enough
publishers at royalty-only houses to feel confident that it?s generally useful.
The tips that follow are based on my experiences and theirs.


to authors. It?s not just for
announcing the latest marketing tip. Email is the most reliable way to reach
most authors on a publisher?s roster. While I spend a lot of time nudging our
whole group of authors forward with emails about co-operative marketing
opportunities and new ways for them to try punching up their sales, I spend
nearly as much time just chatting with them when they seem to need that.

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