The Rest of Us Independent Publishers Survey

April 1999
by Jan Nathan

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The survey of independent presses conducted by PMA and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) in the fall of 1998 is finally finished and the preliminary information we received from this survey is even more eye-opening than we anticipated. Our (independent publishing) portion of the industry accounts for a conservative $14.3 billion annual sales within the publishing community. This figure is extremely interesting and informative since the previous size of the industry had heretofore been reported by BISG Book Industry Trends to total $20.8 billion, and that figure did not include our portion of the publishing business. The study, which is entitled “The Rest of Us: The First Study of America’s 53,000 Independent, Smaller Book Publishers,” will be released during Independent’s Day at BookExpo America, Saturday, May 1st. The study will be simultaneously released on the PMA homepage (, where you can download this $75 report at no charge if you are a PMA member. Included in the study were the number of years in business, number of titles in print, annual sales volume, methods of distribution, and other information relevant to our portion of the industry. A special thank you to the 5% of publishers who took the time to respond to this survey. We hope that in the future we can raise the percentage of response. Once you read the report, I’m sure you will want to participate in future surveys. And a great big thank…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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