The Product-a-Year Strategy for Success

January 2003
by Mark McLaughlin

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Writing and publishing can be empowering, but financial success often comes hard for those who rely solely on the book trade for their income. I founded Mic Mac Publishing in 1997 to publish and market my own books and products, with the goal of producing a new product every year. Of course, writing, publishing, and marketing a new book every year is an ambitious undertaking so I use simpler, less expensive creations to help expand the retail and income-producing portion of my business.

Mic Mac Publishing began in response to my experiences with the University of Nevada Press in 1996. While I was there as a 38-year-old undergraduate, I wrote my first book, The Nevada Weather Book, which focuses on 130 years of historic weather events in the Silver State. I knew that the reading public was interested in the topic because I had received five awards from the Nevada State Press for my newspaper column, “Weather Window,” published in the Lake Tahoe region where I live. The Press offered to publish the book with some editorial changes, but the standard royalty they would pay didn’t appeal to me and I refused the deal.


Reaching Readers Directly

Back then, with no experience publishing books, I decided to use the content to create an audiotape and paid a professional studio $3,000 to produce the tape with sound effects. I had little luck selling it in retail stores (cassette tapes were already on their way out), but for…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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