The PMA Office: A Flurry of Activity

March 2008
by Terry Nathan, Executive Director

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by Terry Nathan

Executive Director

The PMA Office: A Flurry of Activity

The PMA office is humming this time of year. Phones are ringing. People are coming and going. Trucks, filled with books, are lining up outside the door. Emails fill our inboxes.

What is happening? This is our busy season, and all the actions we’re taking reflect the numerous programs we offer our members. Here is a sampling of what is causing the stir:

The Benjamin Franklin Awards

For the past few months, we have been receiving entries for this year’s Benjamin Franklin Awards. The deadline for registration was December 31, and of course most of the entries arrived here between Christmas and the first week of January. The office was quickly transformed into a book warehouse, with books stacked wall to wall.

For this year’s competition, we have a total of 1,800 entries for the 52 categories. Each entry means five copies of the book, so we have 9,000 books on hand. At one point I was a little concerned that our system of stacking the books all over the office might not be the most efficient. But then I recalled my visit to the offices of Publishers Weekly, ou…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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