The Pluses of Snail-Mail Postcards

August 2006
by Roger C. Parker

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Because postcards sent
through the mail can bring many benefits, it’s smart to get postal addresses as
well as email addresses for visitors to your site.


Why postal mail?


It often gets through when email
can’t. This is especially true with today’s stuffed inboxes, spam filters, and
frequently changed email addresses. Postal addresses are likely to change less
frequently, and postal mail is more likely to be forwarded. .


When email addresses are your only
contact information for prospects or clients, you lose any chance of
recontacting them if your email doesn’t get through, if you weren’t notified of
a change in an address, or if you overlooked a change-of-address notice in your
own stuffed inbox.


Finally, messages sent through the
mail can have a more lasting impact than emails, which are often deleted after
a quick reading.


This is especially true if the
messages you mail contain valuable information that people will refer to often.
I suggest putting how-to tips on either 4 × 6 or 6 × 9 postcards.
Restrict 4 × 6 postcards to one or—at most—two ideas, but you
can place up to 10 tips on the front of a 6 × 9 postcard.


Tip-Sheet Postcards Keep
On Selling


Recipients like tip sheets because
they …IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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