The Pitch that Launched The Sleepy Little Star

July 2002
by Kymberli W. Brady

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For everyone who’s ever been told it can’t be done–especially if you are a little fish in this big sea of publishing, I want you to know IT CAN!
Recently we spent three very informative days with moderators, speakers, and B&N buyers at the PMA University in New York City. We were focusing on the rigorous task of getting a book into the bookstores. Although this is almost impossible if you’re a publisher with fewer than 10 titles, we broke the code with our first book!
During Book Expo America in New York right after PMA-U, we found ourselves standing under the banner of the large and prestigious wholesaler Ingram Books. While their appointments had been booked solid for weeks and we didn’t have one, we were determined to try anyway. My partner Wendy reminded me of the past three days of classes and what the outcome would probably be. I then reminded her that our worst-case scenario would be what it already was… “No.” “So, what the heck,” I said. “Let’s give it a try. We have nothing to lose.”

Yes, Yes, Yes

We started off with a nice-looking young gentleman, giving him our pitch. (All the while, I had the book and its companion nightlight in my hands, waving them around, making sure he would see them while hearing our spiel.) He then said that he was in charge of international sales but wanted us to show the book to a couple of other people (at least we hadn’t been thrown…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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