The Ping-Pong Marketing Program: Double Your Book’s Life and Income with a Digital Appendix

September 2004
by Gordon Burgett

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It used to be that once you’d printed a fact in a book, that was it. Right or wrong, it sat there in several thousand copies staring back forever. If you wrote about a cutting-edge topic, huge chunks of the book were outdated in months. And if you wanted to update the facts in the book, or sell more or current information about them, it meant another printing (or several), each to suffer that same fate again.

The worth of the book took a related vertical dive. After a year or two, its sales curve looked like Pike’s Peak–descending.

Bless the digital revolution. If you keep your information in e-book format, you can both change its text daily and tell buyers about related digital wonders almost as soon as they are posted.

Yet most people still buy books on paper, so how can you provide these advantages with that format?

By creating a digital appendix that augments multimedia Ping-Pong selling.

This Way to the Web

This is best explained through an example, so let me draw on my new book, out in August 2004, called Publishing Magic: How to Create Your Own Empire Through Niche Marketing and Niche Publishing.

An ink-on-paper book, Publishing Magic includes basic information that is unlikely to change much. It’s full of step-by-step processes, rationales, dimensions, and other essential data–the hard-core stuff one expects from the title.

With one significant variation: an item or two in…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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