The Perils of Radio Promo: A True Tale of Terror

February 2003
by Joseph Jenkins

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As I published my Humanure Handbook, I wondered about doing radio interviews. How do you do them? Where do you start? Will they sell any books? Then I ran into the Radio-TV Interview Report people at the PMA Publishing University in Chicago. After a short discussion about the book, they convinced me to send RTIR a copy and have them write up an ad that I would approve
to go into their magazine. They told me that I would be interviewed in my home over the phone. I could be in my underwear if I wanted.

The ad came out, the phone started to ring, and the first call was from Howard Stern! I told my wife, and later my friends, “Oh, by the way, some guy from New York City called me for a radio interview. Some guy named Howard something. Howard Stein or something.” Of course, they’d go crazy and I would continue to act as if I didn’t have a clue. “Howard Stern, you idiot. You mean Howard Stern! You’re going to be on Howard Stern’s show! Oh my god!” they’d exclaim.

How I Suffered at Howard’s Hands

The Humanure Handbook

is about, well, humanure, which is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like–a contraction of the words “human” and “manure.” Now maybe you can see why Stern jumped all over it. My interview was scheduled for 8 a.m. Perfect drive-time radio. So, in order to do the interview justice, I sat on the toilet at 8 o&…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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