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July 1999
by Jan Nathan, PMA Executive Director

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Dispute Resolution Program
to Be Introduced August 1PMA-thanks to our Membership Chairperson, Kent Sturgis-has finally put into place a Dispute Resolution Program. We hope to be able to better serve all of our members who have reached an impasse when trying to resolve a problem.

But before you jump into this program (see page XX for a detailed description), please make sure that you have read your contract with the person with whom you have a dispute to ensure that there truly has been a breach of contract.

So many times we receive phone calls at the office regarding disputes and one of following happens. After spending hours, days and sometimes even weeks in attempting to understand the actual problem, we find that the vendor is operating in a proper fashion, and has not breached the contract. Or, in other instances, we learn that the whole story was not told to the office when the person first issued the complaint. An Example of a Past DisputeRecently we received a complaint from publisher member about an offshore printer. We were informed that the vendor had been paid 50% of the fee but had slowed down the job. The publisher was concerned that he may never see his finished product. He explained that he had made some changes at blueline, but he felt that they were not major. When we approached the printer, the story we received was a bit more complicated. This book, which was nearly 100% 4-color, had been presented to the printer as a series of slides shot by the pu…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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