The New Digital

August 1999
by Kenzi Sugihara and Eugene G. Schwartz

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After you have read this article, we hope you will conclude, as we have, that the future is here. Your opportunities as an independent publisher are rapidly expanding. With sharply diminished investments, these opportunities can be easily seized for your profitable and long-term publication of worthwhile books on any topic reaching well-defined audiences, large or small, throughout the world.
The evidence of this lies in a mystifying array of new names that continue to emerge on the Web and in the industry. They offer online publishing and distribution services, book-at-a-time manufacturing and fulfillment, electronic book devices and resources, and archival and licensing services for electronic publishing. When you add this to the existing book search, cataloging, marketing, and retailing functions already up and running on the Web, we have to say that the millennium is upon us in more ways than one. Sure, some of this may be vaporware-but most of it is solid hard copy with credible sponsorship.
How should an independent publisher adjust its publishing strategies to benefit from these new developments? Of course the editorial verities governing quality and level of content remain unchanged-any old book still won’t do. But what kinds of pricing and business models work? What should you do yourself, and what should you license to others? Is there an over-arching strategy-a choice for the future-that should be basic to everyone’s publishing business model? We think t…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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