The New—and Disimproved—Meaning of “Self-Publishing”

February 2008
by Norma Lehmeier Hartie

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The New—and Disimproved—Meaning of  “Self-Publishing”

by Norma Lehmeier Hartie

Not long ago, an issue of Publishers Weekly had numerous articles—and eight pages of ads from subsidy publishers, including a four-page advertorial—on how the book-publishing world is changing.

The lead article—“Can Small Press Distributing Survive?”—cited both the recent demise of Book World Companies and National Book Network’s recent statement that it was phasing out Biblio, its small-press distributor. (Biblio distributes my book, and it’s in the clear until at least next September.)

In the meantime, Barnes & Noble just gave its online store a makeover, and Borders released a beta version of its new site; B&N continues to be a major shareholder of iUniverse; and Amazon owns Booksurge. Books printed by subsidy presses like Booksurge and iUniverse rarely make it into bookstores. Clearly, Barnes & Noble didn’t become an iUniverse stockholder because it counted on money from store sales of iUniverse books; it did so because iUniverse makes money off the authors and the books sold online.

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