The Making of I Wanna Go to Grandma’s House

October 2004
by Grandma Janet Mary

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Where do I begin?

If you had told me three years ago that I would be writing an article in the

PMA Newsletter, I would have responded in a couple of ways.

First, “You’re out of your mind,” and second, “Who or what in the world is PMA?”

As a woman and as a registered nurse for many years I probably would have guessed that PMA stood for something like PreMenstrual Aches or Probable Menopausal Agitation or Post Midlife Aggression (can you guess how old I am?).

But I now know what PMA does stand for, and I am very grateful for this organization whose efforts have helped educate people like me as we venture into the unknown world of writing and publishing.

For you see, life threw me a curve three-and-a-half years ago. Having been a hospice nurse for many years, I was forced by health problems to step down from a position that had brought me to the peak of my professional career. It was a time when my body and my spirit experienced a deep sense of loss. But as I sit here in my very simple but cozy little office writing this article, I smile because life is good and because I am convinced that those curve balls can become the means by which we achieve happiness and fulfillment.

My first book, I Wanna Go to Grandma’s House, was printed in February of this year. It is now in stores coast to coast, including Barnes and Noble and Borders. We have just placed an order for a third printing of 5,000 mIBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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