The Little Things Do Add Up

September 2004
by Justin P. Ertelt

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Have you ever wondered whether a book signing that produced just a few sales was worth the time and effort you spent on it? Was it worth your time to write the letter to the editor that the newspaper didn’t run, or to do a particular promotion that seemed to return zero sales? I asked myself those questions often until I realized that more publicity, more public appearances, and more just plain getting my name and the title of my book in front of potential buyers would eventually lead to additional sales.

All your promotional efforts are geared to creating a buzz–getting people talking about your book. But they have to have read about it, heard about it, and/or seen it several times before they’ll start talking about it. Promotion is partly a game of repetition and name recognition.

How many times must potential buyers read about your book or hear about it or see it before they decide to buy it? How many times can you get your book in front of them? There is no absolute number, but the more times your potential buyer encounters the title of your book, the more likely it is that your promotional efforts will translate into sales.

Keeping the Hits Coming

The promotions that don’t generate many initial sales may produce future sales. Think of the book signing that produced only a few sales but led hundreds of people to stop and talk, pick up a promotional piece, or look at your poster, even if they just looked as they hurried…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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