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August 1999

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Independent booksellers across the country are now in the process of nominating their favorite new books-and some backlist-for the first “Book Sense 76,” a list of books that will be rallied around and promoted starting in September. The list is an effort of Book Sense, a new program initiated by the American Bookseller’s Association (ABA) to promote titles sold at independent bookstores. Other aspects of Book Sense include general program promotion and advertising as well as gift certificates and a Web site.

Of course, part of the selection process for the “Book Sense 76” is reading the books ahead of time, something independent booksellers pride themselves in doing. But many find it difficult to receive as many copies as they’d like if they’re not visited by every rep or not on all the various publisher mailing lists. In other cases, one advance copy often isn’t enough to go around to all the employees in the store who want to read it.

Book Sense can help you get your books read by more booksellers. Tell Book Sense how many reader’s editions, galleys, or even finished books you’d like to send out, and send along the title, author name, category, and a one-sentence description for each. However many you have to spare-25 copies, 50, 100, whatever-would be great. (The staff at Book Sense know this is not an inconsiderable expense for you, but they’re confident that it’s more than worth it. Even if you have an eclectic group of three or five books of which you can spare 10…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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