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August 2013
by Linda Carlson

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Welcome to the penultimate installment of IBPA’s printing and publishing glossary. This month, we explain SASE, set-off, snipe, STOP, and dozens of other sometimes confusing terms, including technical language and jargon. If you’ve missed the issues with A through R, check the Independent articles online.

Coming soon: the rest of the alphabet, and then the glossary as a whole.


Saddle-stitched: Paperback publications with a limited number of pages can be stapled with either a wire or preformed staples, a binding method called saddle-stitching. Magazines and catalogs of 100 pages or less are often saddle-stitched. Because saddle-stitched publications have no spine, many retailers do not stock them unless display materials are provided (as they sometimes are with children’s paperbacks, for example).

Sans serif: Fonts, such as Helvetica and Arial, designed without (sans) finishing strokes (serifs) crossing or projecting from the main line or stroke in a letter….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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