The Kaizen of Catalog Marketing

July 2002
by Jerry Marino

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The Japanese have a term for it–”kaizen.” It means continuous improvement over time. And you must practice kaizen to market your books successfully through catalogs.

Through my experiences during 25 years in publishing, I’ve learned that the combination of online catalogs with their print counterparts is a truly powerful marketing force. I’ve also discovered that there are some general rules for catalog marketing.

Here are some of the key points that you must master to be successful and to continually improve your revenue and profit performance:

Ensure that your product line is suitable for catalog marketing. Acquire customers–don’t just make sales.Develop a catalog marketing infrastructure.Look back to plan ahead.Know your “key indicators.”Use business intelligence to make decisions.Segment and conquer; profile and model.Spend the most $$ promoting to your best customers. Design to sell.


Ensure that your product line is suitable for catalog marketing

Before you jump into the catalog marketing business, take a good look at your product line and its suitability for catalog (or Web) marketing. Is your market clearly defined? Who are your customers and how many of them are there? Are they accessible through mailing lists or Web channels? Is your product line unique, or does it have special appeal and uses for your target market? Is the perceived value worth the price? Do you have a suffi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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