The Interview From Hell!

March 1997
by John McCabe, author of Surgery Electives: What to

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Today I was interviewed for a LIVE BROADCAST on a New York City radio show.
Here’s how it went.

As I wait to be interviewed, I hear them introduce the guest before me. Then
all of a sudden that guest is connected to my phone line and not to the radio
interviewer and we are wondering what is going on! Then the radio techs
figure out their problem and connect him to the show.

Then, after his interview, the host comes to me and calls me “Roger” (my name
is John), and asks me a question that has nothing to do with me or my book.
In a calm way, I tell him he must have his interview sheets mixed up. I tell
him my name. So I have no formal introduction and listeners have no idea who
I am or that I wrote a book or what the name of the book is.

Then he asks me a question and I am to answer it the best I can. And then he
is silent. So I keep talking. And he is silent (obviously he is trying to
figure out what is going on). So I try to keep talking. And he is still
silent. I don’t even know if I am on the air, so I ask, “Gary?” and he says,”Yes, I’m here.”

Then he asks me about how I clear my nasal sinuses. Obviously this is not a
question meant for me. So I tell him that the question must be for the next
guest. And this is being broadcast LIVE in NEW YORK! Then someone begins to
knock on my front door. Loudly! So I shut the door of the room I am in and
the door slams. Loudly! Then there is someone making noise next to the wall
outside of the room I am in. It is the fix-it man,…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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