The Ingredients for Success with a Book for Busy Cooks

March 2002
by Linda Murdock

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Funny. I read Jan Nathan’s article about daring to dream just as I was struggling with the concept of success. It’s difficult reading all the “success” stories in all the newsletters that I get. I have to constantly shore up my ego and try to convince myself that I am proceeding on the best course. I have found marketing ideas to be more plentiful than my capacity to grasp their potential and follow through on them. And my biggest enemy seems to be time itself–time to sell, time to write my next book, time to run my business, time to spend with family and friends.

So here’s my success story. I own a print shop. It took me three years to write, design, photograph, and physically print A Busy Cook’s Guide to Spices, all 240 pages, on my company printing press. I wrote the book because I couldn’t find one designed the way I–and many busy people like me–prefer to cook. That is, you go home, see what’s in the freezer, and cook one of the 10-12 standard meals you always make. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to change your grocery-buying habits, but still cook something new and different?

To make the spice book useable, I cross-referenced the spices with the everyday foods that we eat. Thus the page on corn (or ham, or salads, etc.) has both the spices that go with it and recipes containing corn. The idea is to get you thinking creatively by using different spices.

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