The Hostile Host: How to Get Your Message on the Air in Spite of a Media Bully

February 2009
by Roberta Gale Vanderslice

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The Hostile Host: How to Get Your Message on the Air in Spite of a Media Bully

by Roberta Gale Vanderslice

Remember those school bullies? The ones who yelled at or beat up anyone they didn’t like? Those same bullies are alive and well and thriving in the media.

Although you may think nothing about your book or topic even approaches controversy, woe is the guest who ignores that possibility. The media bully can create a screaming mountain out of your trembling molehill in minutes, leaving you bruised, battered, and vowing never to do another interview.

So how do you recognize this increasingly common creature and temporarily tame the bully enough to survive your on-air visit?

You’ll usually find this bombastic boor on talk-radio stations and cable news stations’ current events programs. Media bullies believe that louder is better when it comes to their voices, and less is better when it comes to your opinions. They’re more interested in shouting you down than in really hearing what you have to say. Although their megalomania may stem from insecurity, compassion won’t help you once you’re in their clutches.

However, advance preparation and psychological warfare will. Here are a few tips for keeping media bullies at bay…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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