The Gift that Keeps on Giving:
A report on a first journey through PMA U

March 2002
by Karen Robbins

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Attending Publishing University and BEA in Chicago last year was one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself in my 20-year writing career.

I had always heard and read, “When your book goes out-of-print be sure to get all rights reverted back to you.” So, after learning that Prentice-Hall Inc. had decided to let my book Big Bulletin Boards: A CooperativeApproach go out-of-print, I immediately took action to secure all rights. The book had been in print for 10 years, selling more than 16,000 copies to teachers worldwide.

I successfully obtained all rights to my book and then asked, “What now?”


Full Speed Ahead
with a New Edition

Maybe, I thought, I should bring out a second edition. Only some minor changes were needed. I researched the marketplace for bulletin board books for teachers and still found none with the same unique concept. So I decided that it would be a new challenge to journey into the world of publishing. Without much more thought, I followed Mark Ortman’s book, A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing, and ordered my ISBN, LC, and barcode. I began getting price quotes from six different printers for a 3,000-copy print run. When I finished with the revisions and additions, I bravely chose Malloy Inc. as my printer, hired a graphic designer, and soon delivered camera-ready copy.

Then, again, I asked, “What now?”

I had never been a publi…IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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