The French Connection: Selling Rights in Quebec

February 2007
by Gina Barile

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The French Connection: Selling
Rights in Quebec


by Gina Barile


For years, Canada has been
the single most important export market for U.S. publishers. Many large U.S.
publishing houses sell into the Canadian market, but there are still plenty of
opportunities for small, independent book publishers. My home province, Quebec,
provides some of them. Quebec is one of Canada?s top publishing centers (along
with Ontario and Vancouver) and is also the home of Canada?s thriving
French-language press.


So how does a small, independent
U.S. publisher sell to the Quebec market? Think first about selling
French-language translation rights (a book written in English is more likely to
sell elsewhere in Canada). Popular lines in Quebec include fiction as well as
how-to titles, books on travel and outdoor adventure, children?s books, and
educational materials.


You will not have to pay any
tariffs or duties when exporting books to Canada from the United States (the
importer pays the 6 percent Goods and Services Tax). But you might want to find
a good Quebec partner to help you navigate your way through some unfamiliar


The Government Lays Down
Some Rules

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