The Five Pieces of the Press-Release Puzzle

February 2008
by Marsha Friedman

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The Five Pieces of the Press-Release Puzzle

by Marsha Friedman

Most people seem to believe they can write a press release, mail or email it to a radio or television station, and sit back and wait for the avalanche of phone calls. But as time passes and no producers are beating down the door, they make a few phone calls only to discover that no one even read the release.

The following five important components of radio and TV press releases will make your show idea come to life for producers and hosts, and also position you ahead of the pack.

Headline! Headline? HEADLINE!!!

Arguably the most important aspect of your press release, headlines are so vital that entire books and seminars are dedicated to the art of constructing the most effective ones. Now, don’t let this scare you. Writing a killer headline is definitely a skill that can be developed; all you need is a clear and concise overview of your topic.

Write down your show idea and look it over. Now look it over again, remembering that it should be an idea for an interview that relates to your book but most definitely not a summary of the book’s theme or content.

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