The Editor’s Job in the Digital Age

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February 2014
by Linda Nix

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Although e-books are no longer the novelty they were only three years ago, the publishing industry is still experiencing massive disruption from the effects of the digital revolution. Considering three different aspects of today’s publishing landscape, I arrive at one conclusion: The role of the editor is paramount and likely to increase in importance.

Aspect A: The Increasing Complexity of E-Book Production

Clearly, book production has become exponentially more difficult in the digital age, as outlined in Jean Kaplansky’s 2012 Digital Book World article “Keeping Up with Fixed Layout Support: What, Where, and Huh?”

Kaplansky’s useful article outlines the multiplicity of fixed layout e-book formats and the associated complexity in e-book production. When I read it, I wondered why anyone would go to such lengths to satisfy so many requirements only to recreate print layouts onscreen, and I was gratified to see comments from designer and e-book expert Anne-Marie Concepcion along the same lines….IBPA Members – Click here to view the full article (login required).

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